What Makes the Perfect Pout: Shape, Volume & Balance

Considering getting lip injections? Here's everything you need to know before you book an appointment.

Lip Enhancement: Your Lips Only Better

Your lips are beautiful and unique. We can make them even more stunning. To create the most attractive and pleasing mouth that suits your face it's best to work with the shape you already have. Enhancing your existing lip structure is the best way to maintain balance and a natural-looking appearance.

There's a lot we can do with lip filler. Let's say you want a fuller, rounder mouth like your favourite actress or model but your own lips are on the thinner side. The great news is that with the help of specialized filler we can create the lips you desire but weren't born with.

The Lips You Want: It's All in the Technique

An experienced injector has many tricks to create shapely, voluminous lips. For instance, they can inject the vermillion border to give the lips more definition, make the cupid's bow more prominent and increase projection. Additionally, administering filler into the fleshy part helps to pump up the volume, fullness and "sexy" factor.

The aging lips can be enhanced as well. As we get older our lips lose precious volume and start to look dry and shriveled. In this case lip filler can be used to restore your lips to their more youthful condition. It can also improve hydration and reduce fine lip lines. You don't have to have bigger lips necessarily but you can regain that sweet fullness of 20's and 30's.

If you have vertical "smoker's lines" these too can be softened with filler. Keep in mind that these fine lines above the mouth can make an appearance even if someone has never even touched a cigarette. Everyday expressions and actions like drinking, pursing or laughing can result in collagen loss over time.

Your Ideal Lips Can Take Time

Let's say you want lips like Kylie Jenner. Only you've never had filler before. Your injector may recommend that you start with one or two syringes as your lips are introduced to the hyaluronic acid (the materials contained in most fillers). Therefore it can take several visits to your cosmetic clinic to achieve your desired volume and fullness.

If you're starting with very small lips they'll need time to adjust to the filler in order to avoid any complications or looking unnatural. You may also decide that you're quite happy with a medium-sized lip and leave it at that. On the other hand if you decide to go for the 'Kylie' then you'll give others plenty of time to adjust to your new lip increase gradually over time.

Consultation is the Most Important Step

Lip augmentation can look beautiful and tasteful if done by an experienced and qualified practitioner. The only way to know is to book a personalized assessment with a reputable injector and ask lots of questions. Ask for before and after photos and what their vision is for you. The best injectors will listen to your concerns but will be up front with you about what's possible and how much it will cost.

We invite you to book a complimentary consultation to discuss if lip filler is right for you.